An Homage...

michael-&-al Russians Pathos-Cast-&-Crew

“Pathos” is a short film we created as our entry into Round 1 of HBO’s “Project Greenlight.”

It chronicles two people’s paths crossing in a most unusual way.
Al Brown (from HBO’s “The Wire”) plays an old blind man, who has come to deliver a message from what some would call “destiny.”
Inexorably along his path sits Anton, played by Michael O’Neal, about to face the same choice the Old Man faced half a century earlier.

After being selected by the public as a Top 200 entry (out of more than 2,000), our Round 2 assignment was to be a humorous biographical video about our Round 1 director.

And thus “The Light Green Project” came into existence.

The Top 20 will be announced on Sept 15th.